Why Spearhead?

Key Benefits

  • Client Satisfaction is the ultimate priority for Spearhead!
  • Building Contract Services Capacities
  • Leveraging Capacity through Partnerships and Collaborations
  • Experienced consultants
  • Services for Hardware and Software applications development
  • Servicing multiple industries.
  • Deployment of tool and techniques that allow you to make decision based on information.
  • Increased productive through training.

Value Added

  • The added value that is offered is that The Spearhead Group will provide recruitment support levels in the way you want them, when you want them and how you want them, no compromise!
  • Background checks can be performed on all employees
  • Third Party Monitoring and Management of Contracts
  • Labor cost is less expensive due to optimized fringe benefits savings
  • Utilization of highly skilled labor designated solely for specific projects
  • Nationwide recruiters to provide the right candidate for each position
  • Work References are conducted for each applicant prior to assignment or referral. An applicant’s overall work performance, initiative, attitude and interaction with others is assessed. Dates of employment, job title, and eligibility for rehire are also verified.
  • Along with work references, we take time to get to know each applicant by conducting personal interviews. It is not fair to either our applicants or our clients not to take the time to meet and talk with each applicant. During these interviews, we discuss the applicant’s work experience, goals, and expectations, as well as the standards of The Spearhead Group and what we expect from them.
  • Quality Control Programs – The Spearhead Group tracks the progress of each field employee as well as itself. Arrival and performance checks are made with supervisors at regular intervals and final evaluations are documented. A quality control form is sent to each supervisor and field employee for his/her honest feedback on the individual or assignment as well as Spearhead Group’s service.
  • Spearhead Group sets high standards for our temporary employees and us. However, there are occasions when even the best intentions fail to produce quality results. If there is ever a problem with our staff or an employee you receive from us, Spearhead Group is dedicated to resolve any problem in a prompt and professional manner. We are here to make your business run smoother, not to make it more difficult.

Disaster Recovery/Catastrophic Center Project Capabilities

The Spearhead Group Employment Services Process involves working in close collaboration with our clients to examine their strategic human resource plan, identify possible opportunities and set strategies for converting a more flexible work-force. We are able to provide the necessary background checks, drug testing and psychological testing required. We then provide an individual assessment plan, proper training and orientation as part of the Strategic Employment Services Plan.

We have worked on the city, state and national levels to include providing over 200 personnel at the Houston Disaster Recovery Center for Katrina and Rita project.  Our personnel were responsible for assisting the agency by providing Intake personnel to work with Katrina and Rita survivors to assist with:

  • Child Counseling
  • Clinics
  • Clothing, Housing
  • DPS (Department of Public Safety)
  • FEMA Debit Card Processing
  • Finding Way Around Houston
  • Food Stamps
  • Insurance (House, Auto)
  • IRS
  • Jobs/Unemployment
  • Legal
  • Medicare/Medicaid
  • Missing Persons
  • Pharmacy/Doctor Selection
  • Processing of FEMA, Red Cross Checks
  • Red Cross Assistance
  • School Selection for Children
  • Small Business Assistance (Disaster Loans through SBA)