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1/13/2022 Our CFO Crystal McCullough accepted to Forbes Council 

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1/21/2022 The Spearhead Group recognized by Forbes for excellence in staffing editorial 





Chief Financial Officer and Entrepreneur Crystal McCullough Is Accepted Into The Forbes Council


The Forbes Finance Council is an organization which recognizes the importance of the financial sector and it is aimed towards senior-level financial executives. A new member has been accepted into the organization, which sparks excitement as the council continues to grow and expand with talented individuals in the field of finance.

Creating an interconnected community of business owners and executives who can work together and share recourse is the main goal. This is why Chief Financial Officer and Entrepreneur Crystal McCullough has been invited to be the newest member, as she will add to the field of expertise. 

The Spearhead Group

Seeing as the Forbes Finance Council seeks out members, they take a look at certified firms that offer experience and long-lasting and diverse talent. The Spearhead Group (TSG) was founded in 1982, specializing in recruitment and providing talent management solutions.

As a local staffing agency in Houston, Texas they chose to deal with the pandemic by helping with the nationwide staffing shortage. For the past 40 years, The Spearhead Group has helped locals in Houston and other cities find positions nationwide. Companies approach TSG often with large volume contracts to fulfill some of their hardest staffing positions. The very detailed executive search hiring process utilized allows corporations to use TSG staffing as a means to fulfill their needs and hire top talent internationally.

By providing local staffing help to companies and government entities, The Spearhead Group helped to combat one of the biggest issues facing the nation. Particularly, we have assisted with pandemic efforts by staffing in executive placement, engineering and IT, finance, and many other placement industries. TSG has multiple new projects coming soon, many of these projects include staffing difficult positions where employers have been struggling to find candidates. Many people in Houston, Texas are searching for jobs and have been helped by this firm. In addition, the staffing shortage that has faced the local Houston area and Harris county has affected many businesses. TSG seeks to work with those businesses who are suffering from employment loss, and help them to replace their temporary or permanent employees who have been affected by the pandemic.

Being a minority woman-owned certified business and having the right resources and staff, is exactly what attracted the Forbes Finance Council’s interest.

The Value Of Staffing During the Pandemic

Remote work and virtual meetings are likely to continue and many employees are preparing for this new way of life. This large shift in employees relocating because of the new remote opportunities, has caused a large change in the geography of where people work, many people will now be able to work at a company that may be located in a large city like Houston, Los Angeles or New York even if they are in a small city far away. This new pandemic remote working situation also provides employers that are looking to use staffing companies with a wide range of candidates nationwide.

Many people feel that they have been working hard but have not been given opportunities to advance professionally in their current company. By matching these candidates with employers who have suffered a huge loss during the pandemic TSG is helping the economy bounce back from the shift a few years ago. Company culture and work-life balance is a large priority for employees now in 2022, recruiters from the Spearhead Group makes sure to examine the company culture to match the candidate with the right location. This helps to ensure that the candidate chooses to stay with the company for a longer period. Now, many employees are expected to exchange a healthy balanced life in order to meet company’s needs. This causes many employees to feel less fulfilled and less useful in their current roles, it is at this point that many companies seek out staffing firms like Spearhead Group in order to replace employees.  Candidates often choose to switch jobs to join companies whose values are aligned with their own and allow for a better balanced life which leads to overall quality of mental health.

Who Is Crystal McCullough And What Are Her Thoughts

Crystal McCullough works as a CFO for The Spearhead Group Inc. Her main task in this role is overseeing the financial objectives and analyzing possible risks the business could face in relation to finances. 

Through various personal achievements and successes related to her work at Spearhead, McCullough was accepted into the Forbes Finance Council, bringing in many benefits and opportunities to her and The Spearhead Group.

An invitation into this council has been an exciting prospect for Crystal, as she feels “extremely honored”. She has worked hard on expanding her talents and business and this was noted by the Forbes Finance Council.

While McCullough works as a CFO for The Spearhead Group, she is also the co-owner of Afework McCullough Business Immigration & Sports, a technology consulting firm that modernizes immigration will also benefit from her membership. This business will use the skills she learns, creating many advantages and opportunities for overall development.

Her goals are to further grow both companies, learn valuable lessons, share information, and spread the word that minority women can and do belong in the business world.

This is exactly what can be accomplished as she has now become a member of the Forbes Finance Council.

Creating More Meaningful Connections

In order for a business to thrive in this day and age, connections should be established. Good relationships can grow businesses exponentially and can lead to interesting new views and ideas.

Crystal notes that this is an important element when it comes to joining a community, as she will not only be associated with people in a similar profession, but she will also be introduced to people who think in different and innovative ways. This will be a platform where she can voice her opinions, concerns, and ideas to help others. An educational contribution can be made by Crystal herself, who has much experience and useful insight.

Becoming More Visible In The Public Eye

With such an acclaimed membership comes a better and more built-up reputation that will inspire businesswomen internationally. This council gives members the ability to expand their image in the business world and online. More visibility leads to more professional and personal growth in the world.

For McCullough, this is important as she will have a more visible platform to talk about the role of minority women-owned businesses and the rights that such businesses deserve. Understanding from experience, Crystal knows what minority women are capable of. With her financial strategies, she was able to increase revenue through improved company behavior. She can now share her skills with others who need them.

New And Exciting Possibilities

Brand new innovations and possibilities are on the horizon for Crystal McCullough and The Spearhead Group. With all of the benefits, Crystal can continue to grow and help others in the business, finance and staffing industry. To read the entire article click here