Our Process

Why Job Seekers Need TSG

The Spearhead Group is a staffing agency that caters to the needs of both employers and employees, thereby creating a “win-win situation”. Some job seekers may assume that it's like any other staffing company and not really feel inclined to hire its services. However, as you become informed of what TSG does when those looking for a job approach it, you'll start to see it in a much more favorable light.

We'll always match you up with opportunities that are the right fit

In these corona-affected times, virtual sessions have become the order of the day and speaking with you face to face over a video call would help break the ice and put both the sides at ease. We may ask you to talk about your interests and hobbies as well and cull out every little information that will help us in finding an ideal job for you.

So now that attrition interestingly has started to peak globally and employees aren't unwilling to quit their existing job and take sufficient time to look for a better opportunity, seeking the assistance of The Spearhead Group will ensure you land a job that is worth all the patience and effort.


Attracting & Retaining the Best Fit for Your Business

Our network of specialized companies applies a world-class process for attracting and retaining the absolute best fit of talent to advance any organization's goals. A complete approach to talent and business strategy helps us stand apart, and keeps our clients ahead in today's highly competitive market for talent. Keys to success include:


To begin with, we'll request you to share your profile and once we receive it, you can then expect a call wherein we'll have a proper discussion over the same. Your previous experience and your future aspirations are going to be the main topics of discussion.

Skills assessment

Every job requires certain skillsets, and we have our way to gauge whether you have the skills that the job you are interested in demands. We'll simply make you take some online tests and if you fare well in them, you will be given the green signal or else you could be asked to work on your weaknesses.

Reference check

Your provided references will be cross-checked, and once we have cross-checked them, we will be more than happy to share them with your prospective employers. References no doubt matter a lot and we'll see that they boost your prospects.


The onus will obviously be on us to organize your interview. It will not be like any random interview for the companies unwilling to consider your profile and if you answer all their questions with confidence, sail through their tests, and show real eagerness to do the job that is there for the taking, there is no reason why you will not make the cut.